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Stream Live Video For Events, Meetings, Performing Arts, and More

George's Digital Technology is a Streaming Broadcaster Consultant. We have served the community for over 10 years in streaming live video. Our goal is to help as many Businesses, Organizations, Individuals, Groups, to stream live video through their social media sites or websites. Consumers are demanding Businesses, Organizations and City Officials to stream live video to their digital device. Research has shown, by streaming live video you have an opportunity to reach your community. Consumers are no longer using computers to receive your information.

Many Businesses, Organizations, are looking to the streaming technology as a tool to reach their communities. George's Digital Technology has your solution to stream live video. If you have a social media site or other streaming providers we  stream simultaneously to those sites to reach your community. Streaming Technology now allows everyone to stream live video, weather you are a Business, Organization, or a City Official. Contact us today for more information.

Streaming Events

Did you know, George's Digital Technology can stream your events live to your social media sites or any streaming providers you may have.

With our streaming technology, we will stream simultaneously to three (3) sites, Face Book, You Tube, StreamChurch.TV, Ustream, or other streaming providers you may have. No longer dose a person has to miss your event, they can receive it on their digital devices.

Like George's Digital Technology to stream your event? Contact us at today.

Public Meetings

Many Businesses, Organizations, and City Officials are looking to stream their public meetings to their communities. It's so important to reach a community to keep them informed of city ordinances, regulations, and news.

In many communities consumers are without computers, laptops, but own a digital device that will receive your live stream.

Officials who want to use the streaming technology as a way to reach their community can contact us to stream your public meetings send your request to today.

Why us as your Streaming Broadcaster

George's Digital Technology use the lastest streaming technology software on the market today. Our Live Video Production Software allow us to use multiple cameras, titles, overlays, lower thirds, videos, website, images, logos, graphics, music, record and stream simultaneously. 

Request an consultation today for an in home or office demonstration live streaming. 

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Streaming Services we offer

Business Public Meetings, Organizations Events, City Official Public Meetings, Public Events. Private Events, Church Events.

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Video Model Release Form Under 18 Yrs

Video Model Release Form Over 18 Yrs

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Setting Up Your Studio Information

We will set-up your Green Screen and Lighting also if you use a Live Video Production Software, we offer training, How to bring inputs into your software, set-up presets, titles, lower thirds, virtual sets, images, photos, overlays, audio, videos, PowerPoint's, NDI, desktop capture, cameras, and more. We offer Laptop Key Programming, we will program your laptop keys to work with your software, your iPad, or Android Tablet.

How to use NewTek's NDI (Network Device Interface) build into your software. See how you can use live video production software, for your live streaming weather you are streaming games, streaming your band, streaming meetings, etc.

George's Digital Technology has your streaming solution. Weather you need cameras that are full-hd, video switchers, audio switchers. We will recommend the right cameras, lighting, software and more.


Live Stream
Software Resources

George's Digital Technology offers training on Vmix Software. You will learn how to set-up cameras inside of Vmix as an input. create titles, up-load power point presentations, input websites, use two computers by using Newtek's NDI (Network Device interface) build into Vmix software. Vmix Desktop Capture feature allow you to capture your screen and share as a input in Vmix.  We offer streaming services. We will stream your services to three (3) streaming providers simultaneously, just provide us internet access. By streaming to three (3) different streaming providers allow your audience to join your live stream in the format they want to watch. This allow you to reach your audiences no matter the location or device they are using. Our goal is to assist you in reaching your audience by streaming live video. We know streaming live video is new to the industry and many people are now using live streaming in their business as a tool to reach audiences from around the world. Teachers are using live streaming to reach students and assist them in learning. Many students have achieved their goals by participating in live streaming from home.  We can stream and record your tutoring sessions for you. We will come to your location, set up our Green Screen and studio lights, create titles, overlays, upload your powerpoint presentation, upload videos, websites, use NDI on a second computer, create presets for your stream. Give us a call today and start streaming to your students. Please download our forms: Download our Streaming Agreement Form | Video Model Release Form Under 18 Yrs (Same as child under 18) | Video Model Release Form Over 18 Yrs (same as child 18 and older) | Our Payment Center   We stream simultaneously to the following service providers: Face Book, You Tube, Ustream, Live Stream, CloudMediaGroup, Dacast, Mendx, Periscope, Stream, Stream Spot, Sunday Streams, TikLive, Twitch, Twitter, Wowza Cloud, StreamigChurch.TV

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