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  • We Can Program Your Keyboard
  • To create a professional live stream on multiple platforms you need a professional live video production software. To control your production from a digital device and use the web controller feature, we will program your keys, iphone, ipad, android, and program your web controller. After programming your web controller, you can control  cameras, titles, graphics, videos, images. overlays, lower thirds, recording (on & off), streaming (on & off), desktop capture, from any digital device. This allows another person to control the titles, add titles, switch cameras, overlays, and more from anywhere in the room while you are at the controls. If you like us to program your keyboard give us a call today we are your resources to stream live video. We offer training on, camera set-up, software, lighting, and more.
  • For your Events, Church Services, Public Meetings, Private Events and more.


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George's Digital Technology will come to your location and teach you how to use the Desktop Capture with NDI feature in your production. You will learn how to use the NDI feature with other computers, laptops, cameras, and more.

What is NDI (Network Device Interface). NewTek's NDI has changed the streaming and Broadcast Industry. NDI allows any camera, laptop, computer, or iPhone, iPad, Tablet to be used as an input in your production software over your network, No Cables Needed.    

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Using Virtual Sets For Streaming

We offer Studio Set-up services. We will set up your studio with your Green Screen, Lighting, Cameras, and your Production Software. After setting up your studio we will show you how to use your Green Screen in your production. A green screen allows you to create a professional looking live stream. You will learn how to input a green screen in your production software, with motion clips, HD (1080p) images, and virtual sets.  

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Green Screen

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We recommend using a 3X-USB 2.0 is a 1080p camera with 3X optical zoom for capturing HD video at long distances. With support for USB 2.0 plug & play  Streaming (H.264 or H.265) this camera is ideal for broadcasting high definition video signals for broadcast or video conferencing applications.

Stream RTSP or RTMP video and audio to your favorite CDN, Stream locally on your network, Dual Streaming for both high and low resolution settings. Benefit from easy to use far end camera control, Support for (2) 1080p unicast users *more at lower resolutions.

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