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A Professional Live Stream

  • What is a "Professional Live Stream"?
  • To create a professional live stream on social media you will need a professional live video production software. Social media use a code call "RTMP & User Key" with these codes you can stream live video to social media on any of your pages that have been certified. Streaming with the RTMP and User Key allow us to create your production with 3 cameras, titles, graphics, videos, images and more. This streaming solution on social media is a good tool for Churches, Sports, Clubs, Bands, Schools, Teachers, Private Tutors, and more. If your budget, doesn't allow you to have the equipment for streaming, give us a call today we are your resources to stream live video.
  • For your Events,  Church Services, Public Meetings, Private Events and more.

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IP Streaming

Some cameras includes IP Streaming capabilities with both video and audio. To use these capabilities the camera must be connected to your network. Once connected to your network you can log in to the device via the IP Address. The default user name and password is "admin" and "admin". Once you have logged into the camera's GUI interface you can browse to the "Video" tab to enter your RTSP or RTMP streaming credentials. We have options for embedding audio which will come through the camera's 3.5mm audio input.

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Simultaneous Video Outputs

Some cameras is capable of sending three simultaneous video streams through HDMI, HD-SDI, USB 3.0 and IP streaming depending on the model you are using. The resolution of these video outputs is set by the rotary dial on the back of each camera. You will notice each camera also have a analog CVBS port. This port is not simultaneous with the others. If you wish to use this port you must set the resolution to 480i or 576i and the other digital ports will be disabled.

Warranty Limitations Every

Check your camera warranty, some comes with a 3 year manufacture warranty. This warranty covers any and all manufacture defects within the first 3 years. This warranty does not cover actual end user damage or corruption through SDK modifications

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3X-USB 2.0 1080p Camera Information

We recommend using a 3X-USB 2.0 is a 1080p camera with 3X optical zoom for capturing HD video at long distances. With support for USB 2.0 plug & play  Streaming (H.264 or H.265) this camera is ideal for broadcasting high definition video signals for broadcast or video conferencing applications.

Stream RTSP or RTMP video and audio to your favorite CDN, Stream locally on your network, Dual Streaming for both high and low resolution settings. Benefit from easy to use far end camera control, Support for (2) 1080p unicast users *more at lower resolutions.

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