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George's Digital Technology is your solution to streaming live video weather you are a Pastor, Church, Educator, Organization to your social media pages or other streaming providers you may have. Today's technology have changed the way we communicate with each other. Social media have joined the streaming industry allowing us to stream video. What dose it take to stream professionally? To stream professionally you need the right equipment, software, cameras, lighting, green screen, microphones, internet, video & audio mixers, video capture cards, monitor.

Social Media Pages - Streaming to your social media pages requires you to have a streaming software to use the RTMP & User Key Codes. We recommend using a Live Video Production Software allow you to use the rtmp & user key codes, from face book, you tube, ustream, or other streaming providers you may have. A Live Video Production Software  allows up to three (3) simultaneously streams, up to 1000 inputs, which includes cameras, video, power point, titles, lower thirds, overlays, images, virtual sets, photos, and more. Using face book and you tube are a good solution to reach your audience on-the-go.

Cameras - They are many cameras on the market today but you need to know which one is right for you. Here at George's Digital Technology we recommend using HD, SDI,  USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, & IP cameras. Most cameras can be purchased online and can cost up to $1600. 

Green Screen and Lighting - Use as your background with images (HD 1080p) and your virtual sets. We offer demonstrations on how to set up your green screen, lighting, and virtual sets, software, cameras,  To request a demonstration email us today at their is a $85.00 fee.

Training on Software - We offer training classes on software. You will learn how to input cameras, images, powerpoint, monitors. How to create titles, overlays, virtual set, how to set up your live stream with RTMP & User Key Codes from your social media sites. How to set up presets and save them. Their is a $95.00 fee

Your Audiences - Today's Streaming Technology allows your audiences to receive your live stream on their digital devices. This is why many organizations, businesses, churches, city officials have move to streaming. Studies had shown streaming video to consumers has able organizations and businesses, churches, and city officials to reach more consumers world wide. Consumers are demanding you to stream live video to their digital devices. Consumers are no long waiting to use a computer to receive your information. You must use today's streaming technology to reach your audiences.  

Budget - Your budget should include cameras, computer, video capture cards, streaming software, green screen and lighting, microphones, monitors. 


We offer streaming services to Businesses, Organizations, Churches, Pastors, City Officials, Bands, Performing Arts, Private Tutors, Music Groups, Home & School Associations.

It is important for Business Owners to reach consumers on social media. Consumers are using digital devices to find information, review videos, research information on businesses, products, and more. The streaming industry allow businesses to use streaming as a tool to connect to consumers. Here at George's Digital Technology, we will stream your events, public meetings, services, simultaneously  to three (3) streaming providers you may have. This includes Face Book, You Tube, Ustream, Live Stream, StreamChurch.TV or any other streaming provider you may have just provide us with your RTMP & Use Key. We will stream in HD (1080p), record your event for disk media. If you like to have your event on dvd media, Blu-ray media their is a charge of $15.00 each for DVD's, and a charge of $25.00 each for Blu-ray. 

Public Meetings - Officials are using live stream to reach their communities. Communities are no longer waiting to use a computer to get your information. To reach your community you must stream live video to their digital devices. Studies has shown using live stream to reach consumers has increase the ability of officials to get information out to consumers on-the-go. Using live stream allows you to have a video record of your public meeting on disk media. We will stream and record your public meeting simultaneously in HD (1080p) provide us internet access, your RTMP & User Key to your streaming providers.  Download our Streaming Agreement

Streaming also allow for social media integration. This allows consumers to interact with you through your social media site. With our streaming technology we can integrate your social media sites with our social integration software that is build into our Live Video Production Software. This includes media platforms: Face Book, You Tube, Ustream, Live Stream, Instagram, StreamChurch.TV, CloudMediaGroup, Dacast, Mendx, Periscope, Stream, Stream Spot, Sunday Streams, TikLive, Twitch, and Wowza Cloud.


Our Payment Center - Before services are render, we must receive your payment prior to your requested service.


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