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Who is George's Digital Technology

The mission of George's Digital Technology, Inc. (and my personal mission) is to connect our clients around the world with streaming live video professionally. I strive to give our clients the best streaming options, available to share their services with the community, help others to achieve their streaming goals. To accomplish this, we recommend our clients, to schedule a live demonstration to see first hand how we  stream professionally to your social media site or other streaming sites. 

What is the cost of streaming professionally. Do you have a streaming budget. What resources do you have for streaming professionally over the internet. What cameras are you using. Do you have the right equipment for streaming.






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Helping Communities To Stream Live Video Over-the-Internet

George's Digital Technology, has helped communities to stream live video since 2013. We understand the streaming industry, and have new technology that can help you stream live video. Community Centers are using streaming live video as a tool to connect with their members to share information, up coming events, public meetings, and more.

Performing Arts are using streaming as a way to reach more people interested in performing arts classes. Streaming has allow the performing arts to show case their live performances to the community. Churches are now using streaming to reach people in all communities. Streaming is a powerful tool for many organizations to get their message out to communities that are far and near.

If your organization, is interested in streaming live video, contact us today.

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Why Should I Stream Video

The Streaming Industry has changed the way individuals communicate with each other. The streaming industry develop this technology for individuals to have an opportunity to stream video from their digital devices on-the-go. Studies has shown their are over a billion individuals streaming live video every day. When family have events and others can't attend they can be apart of it through streaming. Family members no longer need a computer to see a live event, streaming live video can be seen on digital devices.

Businesses and Organizations can have a Streaming Broadcaster stream professionally to their social media sites. This is a great opportunity for Organizations to reach their communities. Since social media has joined the streaming industry organizations have found this as a resource to connect to their community. 

Here at George's Digital Technology we have your solution to stream live video. Contact us today for more info. at (484) 431-2231 or email us at

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George's Digital Technology is your resources for streaming professionally over the internet. Your community is demanding that you stream live video.


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Streaming with George's Digital Technology

We will stream using your RTMP and User Key, from your streaming providers. This will allow us to use multi-cameras,  lower thirds, overlays, titles, videos, websites, images, graphics, logos, virtual set. Use features as NewTek's NDI (Network Device Interface) to bring in other resources from other computers or laptops on your network into your production.  

Streaming Simultaneously. We will set-up your production streaming settings to stream to three (3) streaming providers simultaneously and save your pre-set. Pre-sets are settings we create by inputs we bring into our live video production software. 

If you are ready to start streaming professionally, give us a call Today! (484) 431-2231 or email us today at

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