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Services For Churches

George's Digital Technology offers streaming services to Pastors to get their church on-line to stream live video to social media or any streaming provider you may have. Will we come to your location and stream simultaneously to your social media sites.

Streaming your services allow people from all walks of life to receive your message on their digital devices on-the-go. This is another resource you have to reach your community.

We know many churches have a small streaming budget and don't know who to turn too. George's Digital Technology has your solution for streaming live video. We will give you a demonstration on how we stream professionally, simultaneously to your social media sites: Face Book, You Tube, Twitter, Periscope, StreamChurch.TV, Ustream, Live Stream, CloudMediaGroup, Dacast, Mendx,, Stream Spot, Sunday Stream, TikLive, Twitch, Wowza Cloud.

In order for us to stream live video over the internet we require permission to have access to your network. We will stream and record your services simultaneously for dvd disks.  Download our Streaming Agreement Form


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Streaming Live on Face Book & Other Streaming Services

As you may know face book, and periscope has join the streaming video industry to allow businesses, churches, organizations who has a business face book page to stream live video. Before we can stream live video to face book, you must go through the certification process with face book. To start the process click here Once you have completed the certification process and have been approved, you are ready to stream live video. Check your face book page by clicking on the Publishing Tools link, then click on "video library you should see Live Video or Live. Face Book requires a "Professional Live Video Software"

 Periscope requires you to be certified before you can stream professionally to your account. After you have been approved by both providers, please contact George at

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Benefits of Streaming

  • Your Congregation will never miss a service
  • Stream your Bible Study
  • Youth Ministries can have their own show to reach youths.
  • Praise Dancers can have their own show to reach youths and teach them new steps, keep them updated with new info and more
  • Prayer Request Live
  • Pastor streaming church information
  • Stream church events
  • Stream weddings, special events and more
  • Stream simultaneously to Face Book, You Tube, StreamChurch.TV, Ustream or other streaming providers you may have.
  • With today's streaming technology you can reach more people around the world on all digital devices.
  • As a Pastor, your congregation want you to stream live video.
  • Face Book, You Tube are free and you can reach millions of people


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George's Digital Technology

We offer streaming services.  Try our streaming services today! Call (484) 431-2231 or email us at  for a demonstration.

Solutions For Churches

If you want to stream professionally to social media and reach your community give George's Digital Technology a call. We will schedule a live demonstration to your social media sites. We will stream to three (3) social media sites simultaneously.  Before we can stream live we will need your (RTMP and User Key), from each of your social media sites. We will set-up your Live Production with the following features: lower thirds, overlays, titles, images, logo, pictures, graphic. 

 Give us a call Today! (484) 431-2231

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